Trigger warning: Those with sensitive gag reflexes in regards to relationships should probably skip this.

Now, I normally don't post much about my Him to respect his privacy, but this one is too good not to share.

He was downtown when I got a call for the hell of it. He never just calls for the hell of it.  Hey, I spent two dollars on this tile you're going to love. I thought of you and I just know you'll think it's bad ass. Okay cool, babe. See you when you get home. Weird.

The tile above is what he unwrapped later, and the explanation was the best part of the whole thing. He made sure to point out that the skeleton was worried about her weight for no reason because... she was skeleton, right? And no matter what, she would be beautiful to whoever loved her so she just may as well get off the goddamn scale and be who she is because she is more than what the scale says. Something along those lines. He repeated it a few extra times to make sure I got the message and I scrunched my face up while smiling because he was just so fucking precious. He was trying to communicate to me that he was all about self-love and body acceptance too. Goddamnit, how did I get so lucky?

 I think it is SO spectacular that there are men out there that are body positive as well. Men who don't hold women to the impossible standard and value their brains and love as much if not more. Men who break out of their learned role all by themselves. I was SO worried when I was younger that they didn't exist and guess what? I found a sexy one that loves me the most, and I'll probably keep him forever. Do you have a boy that loves you for you too? If not, do you have a mental image of someone you would like to meet?

Oooooh! Lets talk about boys! *giggle giggle*.
Just kidding about the giggling part:)



  1. Oh my gosh....seriously this is so sweet! Totally sounds like something alex would do! and what a message...le sigh.. lol.


  2. You may be joking about the giggling part...but i KNOW you squealed a few times because that was definitely squeal worthy ;)
    My mister has told me a few times this week: "You know, your pregnant waddle is just so cute!" He was serious too! So I'm sure it was meant as a compliment. He has said things like "you're just the cutest pregnant girl" and "you're so cute for me" and even "i'm still attracted to you even if pregnancy is usually the anti-sexy" (I think there's a compliment in there somewhere ;))
    Pregnancy doesn't always make me feel attractive (ok, so like never) and there are definitely days where I wish I had my own body back, like when it comes to shaving, bending over, standing up, sleeping comfortably etc. but I am grateful that my dear husband is understanding and still genuinely compliments me on how I look :)

  3. Too cute!!! You are so lucky to have found a mister that loves you so much!!

    Certain men can be so great sometimes ;D

  4. Oh, how adorable!

    I know mine is always going on and on about how lovely I am. It gets annoying at times haha! Like, "Yeah, I get it. Shut up now and let me watch the TV!". I'm only joking, of course! I love how appreciative he is.


  5. Nicholas grew a beard for me... Which sounds really weird, but is actually the most awesome thing ever. I *love* facial hair, and I kept telling him how sexy he would look with a beard.. so he grew one. He even had to go to his boss and get permission to grow one and everything. And every few months when it gets too unruly, we spend an hour or so in the bathroom screaming with laughter while he shaves it into ridiculous and amazing shapes before shaving it right off and starting over. My favourite was when he shaved it into a porn moustache, a soul patch, and HUGE mutton chops. It was glorious. And he let me take photos.

    We did a deal that if he grew a beard I would grow my hair long, but I have to say, I totally got the better end of it. Growing my hair involves no effort, except not cutting it. His beard takes time.

    I think I am going to have to ask myself the same question about the luckiness thing because surely, someone this awesome is a very rare thing.

  6. What a sweet and really cute gesture!

    D is a lot like that, at least I think. When we met, he was a voracious reader of feminist lit so that we could talk about stuff when we ran into each other(we met in college). Other guys would just roll their eyes when I spoke, but D listened and tried to learn all he could. He stood up for me against his racist family. And he buys me little Alice in Wonderland things he finds.

    So I married him. He really wanted that certificate. ;-)


  7. The other day Mitch asked me "is it possible to be a male feminist? Because I think I am." Fuck yeah for body positive men. :)

  8. That's so sweet. The tile looks pretty amazing too!

  9. so sweet. and i love that tile. my husband is super body positive and when i get down on myself he reminds me how beautiful i am and how much he loves me and how i talk about feminism and body positivity and i need to remember it all the time. horray for awesome men!


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