Liora K of The Feminist Photos (remember her?) did a mini shoot with Katy that is pictured above. AND I LOVE IT. After posting the majority of Feminist Photos, Liora got a lot of flack for not using fat women as well. As much as an advocate for fat ladies as I am, I graciously offered my body and away the comments went away. Well, not really. There is this whole trend right now of wrongly using the term "real women". Y'know: Real Women have Curves being the most popular offender. And then there are those who say "Real Women  have Vaginas" but what about trans-ladies? That is why I enjoyed and recommend the article "Real Women Have Bodies" where the real vs. fake discussion happens and the fact that real women have curves, don't have curves, and everything in between is established. SELF LOVE BITCHES.

I have been reading Lesley's Two Whole Cakes, and found a few gems in there already. She talks about how flattering and unflattering are underhanded and coded phrases wherein someone can say "oh, that makes you look better than you normally do" or "dear god, you look 'worse' than normal but I don't want to hurt your feelings so I'll blame it on the garment for being the one that is 'unflattering'". Fuck flattering.  Your body is your body, and doesn't need to play by clothing rules. Your body looks like your body and you're the only one that has it so you choose what to wear (or not wear;)). Your body is not reduced to a fruit shape, it is so much more than that. You are not an apple, pear, banana or butternut squash. You are real, unique, and innately beautiful. Fo realz. Play by your own rules. "Your body is not a tragedy" and most importantly, YOU are a real woman.

Flaunt it ladies.


  1. Oh my, I love you Jes! I've been saying this for ages!

    A real woman is someone who considers themself to be a woman. Whether they are a size zero or a size 30, whether they were born medically male or female.

    I also hate this idea that it's ok to say "You're so skinny. You should put on weight". Why is it ok to criticise slimmer figures but not larger figures?


  2. I really love your posts, I can never stop reading! I totally agree we call ourselves by food names is just objectyfiying ourselves ( I wrote about it http://cashewcookie.tumblr.com/post/20655705810 ages ago - well more like had a big old shout at the internet!) And I TOTALLY TOTALLY AGREE You cant say real women have boobs because no they don't some people might have small boobs that some people would class as non exsistant whilst others may physically not have them due to things such as cancer etc..


  3. Ouuhoooo I just love this post! I love that, though you have pride in your curves you can still appreciate that - well, some of us DON'T have those curves either! And that's ok too! I think it shows that you're GENUINELY proud of your curves and not just 'fighting' against the stigma just to make a point. You're fantastic :)


  4. Hell yeah I'm a real woman! And personally, if it was socially acceptable everywhere, I would be in my underwear all the time. That's when I feel like a real woman, not hiding behind clothes that never fit right because it wasn't made for me but for the "general" woman.

    Screw that! NO PANTS DAY TODAY.

  5. All. I. Can. Say. Is. Wow! YOU are a force to be reckoned with! Thanks Jes!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

  6. Hear hear!

    I wish there was more of a focus on just living healthy, being happy and being the best 'you' you can be. I guess we just need keep doing that :). As my other half pointed out the other day - mens magazines have scantily clad women on the front, and women's magazines have scantily clad women on the front. And women are behind this stuff!

    My body is what it is. Not skinny, not fat, sometimes more toned, sometimes less. I'm more concerned with being happy and healthy - mentally, physically, emotionally.

    :) sweetsmartfunny.blogspot.com

  7. My thoughts exactly! Women are criticized for being too skinny, fat, flat-chested, full-figured, busty, sporty, pear-shaped, boxy, feminine, bla, bla, bla! There are all types of women and we are all awesome. I think it's awful when in an attempt at inclusion curvy women criticize naturally thin women. No one has the right to alienate anyone else for not fulfilling some ridiculous aesthetic ideal. Thanks for this, Jes.


  8. I would like a pizza body, delish and colorful! :)

  9. I have been reading several of your blogposts and I love that they have depth and make you think- think about media and our perceptions, think about over simplification of things and over all making you think about the positive and empowering message you send. This photoshoot- and the idea of "Real Women Have Bodies' (because, even if its mean to be empowering, "Real women have curves" seems a bit exclusive as does things like needing to be skinny) are just great.

    Interesting ideas about the flattering vs. not flattering. I've never really understood the fruit-to-describe-your-shape, nor been able to figure out what one earth type of fruit I was suppose to be. Still, I do think there are clothes that you might not like one you, but maybe like one others etc. What you seem to be talking about is how we code things when talking about others in clothes though to explain why we don't like things. That's a whole different kettle of fish than why you yourself might not like a piece of clothing on you. I'll be thinking about this the next time someone asks for opinions.


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