God it feels good to get out of my house.

I've been under the weather and cooped up with stir-crazy kitties for a few days and it was starting to take a toll on my psyche. It is also having residual effects on my perspective, seeing as I've felt and still feel so ugly.  Whatever that is, I feel like it. I could give you a list of reasons why, but if I do, Rachele will is likely to delete my link-up. Which would be understandable.. but the tables turn as you consider this:

Its really nice to feel ugly and know that it has nothing to do with my size.

Foralways, I would determine how I felt that day when I looked at my body in the mirror. Not my face, not my hair, my body. And my perceptions were so warped that it varied week to week. I couldn't see my body for what it was so I pretty much always hated it. I still have bad days of course, but it's no longer size-centric. I know my body, I see my body, I like my body, and I appreciate my body because it does incredibly awesome things... even when my brain feels like shit.

ALSO, I included an "angle" picture.
 See Rachele? I did it! I even got to flash my neighbors a few times, which is an added bonus. Scandalous.

How do you help yourself feel more attractive on down days?


  1. This dress is stunning. It looks really beautiful on you!

    Hooray for body appreciation!


  2. You look amazing in that dress, the shoes, EVERYTHING. You are glamorous ;D

  3. Um, those shoes are hot. I love red shoes, I keep buying them, but I don't have a pair like that.

    Stay sexy, chica.


  4. i agree with everyone else, that dress is super on you!
    On days I feel ugly, I always try to do a very basic but lovely makeup. Super moisturized skin, a little powder, blush, black winged liner, heavy mascara and a red lip of some sorts. Not to mention giving my hair some extra body. It works every time! Also I like to paint my nails a fun color.
    You are beautiful!

  5. You look fantabulous in that dress! And that angle is superdeedooperdee awesome! You go'hed with your sexyy self! On days I feel ugly, I put on my fave Betty Boop pj's and eat popcorn...

    ~a-not-givin'-up on Baker Babes SimplyyMayra ;)

  6. On days I feel ugly I find that doing something active and doing something nice for myself are sure ways to fix my mood. Even if it's just a walk around the neighbourhood and a home pedicure with a movie I love in the background. Well, those and a good long stare in the mirror until I stop seeing myself and start seeing a face, unattached to my persona. I don't necessarily try to evaluate if I think I'm pretty or not, but just to distance myself from my body until I SEE it and not just dwell on it.

  7. Seriously just Fabbbulous!!! :)

  8. I see it! All your angles are kick ass. You spinning = awesome


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