I've stumbled upon quite a few UK ladies that I adore and I thought I would share today's favorite four pictured above! While I plan on traveling a lot for work in the future, if I were to live somewhere other than the US, it would be England. I can't think of a more charming country to call home.

Other Noteworthy Links, 
(Some Silly Some Serious):
Lucky steals my heart on a daily basis. Pee Wee Herman? Good lord.
How they dressed for summer heat in the 1940's
Have you ever wanted to meet the Jello Mold Mistress?
Crunchy Betty talks about why she won't pander to audiences.
25 words the English language doesn't have, but should.
Blog burnout? Kyla has the answers.
How to love yourself in 8 really hard steps.
101 Things I Hate: by John Waters
Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if you were a jump-rope?
Hillary Clinton without makeup. GASP! The HORROR.
Diet goggles. For serious.
WikiHow teaches you how to be "unique": as a Goth, Hipster, Crunkcore girl, Tough girl, Gamine girl, or Mysterious girl. Oh, please.

Thanks for waiting out the construction on this site! I think I have a layout that is here to stay.
At least for a while.

Do you have any noteworthy links that you've run across lately?

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  1. Holy crap Hilary Clinton. She actually looks pretty damn good considering everything that she's been through.

    And I love this link:
    I like to wander around and check out the most random stuff that has to do with the environment and sustainability. =D


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