Dudes. You know how you keep hearing about how Arizona is continually embarrassing itself, what with the SB1070 immigration bullshit, and the women's rights attacks, and the MH funding cuts, and the axing of ethnic studies in schools, and etc etc etc? Well, it's all true. But though this state is a burn mark on the USA map, you must know that Tucson is the shining star in the midst of ass backwards darkness.

Caught in the midst of a conservative desert, Tucson fosters culture you really won't find anywhere else in the South West. It has a succinct downtown area just outside of the University that houses critical thinking, creative innovation, and culinary prowess. I'm serious here. The locally owned shops, little cafes, and costume/thrift stores on 4th avenue have been my "neighborhood" for years now and I have yet to grow tired of spending my days on the 6 block strip. Yeah, it's literally 6 blocks. Tucson is far from perfect (we have the worst city planners in the US),  and everything great here comes in small versions, but thats just the way I like it. Its a quality over quantity kinda town.

Yesterday was Katy's birthday and this morning there was a "Girls Brunch" at La Cocina (a secret garden courtyard hidden away in the old downtown district). There was sangria, chilaquiles, bengal kittens, music, heated smarty pants conversations about political themes, but mostly the kind of laughing that makes you double over and clutch your ribs because it hurts so good. Our rowdy rambunctiousness may or may not have driven out crowds of customers throughout the 4 hours we were there.

This is where the quality over quantity comes into play. Each of these ladies, brought together by a mutual love for the greatest gal ever is a feminine force to be reckoned with. You probably think I'm making this up... like Liz said: "people think smart AND beautiful women are like unicorns".

I fucking party with a team of unicorns.

 Each one has a distinct set of talents, whip smart remarks, a bitchin' sense of humor and an ability to fearlessly be who they want to be. I know I'm getting mushy, shut up.

If you're in Arizona, stop by Tucson and I'll give you the real tour. (I would also recommend Bisbee, Flagstaff and Sedona in that order).

Thanks for being a centrifugal force of awesome Katy. We're all here because of you;)


  1. That's an awesome bunch of unicorns if ever I saw one!

  2. Unicorns are bitchin'.

    Plus I know how you feel about how everyone only sees the bad political crap that's going on in your state. Wisconsin is the same way. But we totally have awesome things here! My fiance and I are going to take a roadtrip to various cute cities/towns in Wisconsin. If you ever come up to WI, I'll give you a tour ;D

    And that last picture of all you unicorns is amazingly cute. Yay!

  3. "I fucking party with a team of unicorns."
    We can mark 6/11/12 as the day I fell in love with you.

    1. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet! I have the attention span of a two year old. Email coming soon!

  4. that looks so fun! and i don't even know if i can express how much i love that you are laid out in that last picture. hilarious/cute/awesome.


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