I love it when people post "behind the scenes" photos from shoots! For some it kills the magic of the final photos, but I love seeing both the beginning and the end! 

I was asked to participate in a promo shoot for an underwear benefit party at Hotel Congress next month and it was an instant YES! This was a new set of photographers and models and I adore having a chance to represent fat girls in the midst of others. Especially when its something revealing and controversial like skivvie shoots! Everyone was astonishingly complimentary and lord, did it feel good.

It turned into chaos due to photographing in a bar (i.e. rounds of tequila shots) but it was still a good experience. I learned a few things for future gigs, and had fun fun fun. I didn't include shots of myself because I want to wait until the posters and flyers come out and show you the GOOD stuff! And yes, I now have purple hair. Its in the works and still needs color and a cut. Don't worry. Its gonna get a post all to itself. 

The comical part (besides the manager hollering for us to leave because we were "shocking the cafe customers") was shooting on the hotel roof where the tourists on the top of other buildings started taking their own pictures. It was just ladies in underwear guys. Silly tourists.

The day was so charming and included lunch at Sparkroot (honey mustard, spinach, brie and avocado panini!), craft supply shopping at Home Depot, and a movie date watching "Dark Shadows". I love Johnny Depp, and boy I love weekends. 

Did you do anything awesome this weekend? Tell me about it, and if you posted send me the link!


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